Everyday Soft Makeup Look

12417860_1311642135528298_6125084186125602759_nSoft makeup can be the most beautiful look a woman can rock for an everyday look. I decided to ditch the eyeliner, false lashes, and bold lipstick for a more subtle approach to enhance my natural beauty.

I used a black eyeshadow and created a light cat eye, then smudged it to soften it. I also opted out of lining my entire lash line, and started from the middle and went to the outer corner.

For my lips, I lined them with a natural pink shade and filled them in with a matching pink in a matte lipstick. While I am wearing lipstick, it’s not overpowering. You can chose to use gloss instead, but I didn’t want to bring too much attention to my lips.

1934384_1311642095528302_6521622146517247593_nI did a light highlight and contour, just to better shape my face. For blush, I used a color that mimics a natural glow.

I’m thinking of doing a makeup tutorial for this look on my YouTube page. What do you think?



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