Ipsy Un-Bagging January 2016

There is nothing I love more thank makeup, so when I can get premium makeup samples (sometimes in full size too) for only $10 a month… I’m ALL over that! 

I’ve received Ipsy in the past, but when I have to save money it’s usually the first luxury to go. Now that I’ve fit it into my budget, I’m a glad subscriber again. Each month usually focus’s on a theme and for January 2016, it was all on the eyes. Of course I freaked, I have countless eyeshadow palettes and I’m constantly falling in love with more.

I made YouTube video un-bagging it live that you can watch below:

I haven’t fully tried all of the products, but overall I rate this a 7/10. I loved what I got, but I wish I didn’t always get natural colors because I’m very experimental -not to mention I have a ton of nude eyeshadow already. Also, during the filming of this when I was trying the chapstick it was fine, but I later applied it on my lips when they were super chapped and a huge blister formed on my bottom lip almost immediately. Definitely throwing THAT away.

I was stoked for the brush because I surprisingly don’t have a smudge brush, which would be perfect for that eyeliner look I’m always trying to get. I still haven’t figured out how to use that eye contour stuff… So we will see. Do you receive Ipsy yourself? Sound off in the comments your favorite items this bag!



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