DIY: Two Ingredient Cellulite Scrub


If you were blessed with the thick thighs, then you are familiar with the curse of cellulite. Luckily for us ladies rocking some thunder thighs, two ingredients that you have lying around your house create the perfect cure!


This simple remedy only involves TWO ingredients… that’s right, you read that correctly, TWO. Gather some coffee grounds (new or used) and that jar of coconut oil out of your pantry. Since we mostly use our Keurig, I just grabbed some of the old k-cups we had used in the morning. Coffee grounds from a regular ‘ole coffee maker are perfect as well.


If you are using a k-cup, use a knife or some other sharp item and bust it open. Empty the grounds into a small bowl. I emptied two k-cups worth, which created more than enough mixture that you can get more than one use out of. If you are using regular coffee grounds, just kind of eye the amount you want to use. Keep in mind that you want more grounds than coconut oil.


Measure out two-tablespoons worth of coconut oil and use your knife to scrape it out. If you eye-balled your coffee grounds, just think of it like this -you want it to be 2/3 coffee grounds and 1/3 coconut oil.


When you have both ingredients in the bowl together, mix the concoction very well. Don’t worry if the coconut oil is chunky, it will melt once it makes contact with the skin. If there are some spots not covered in coffee grounds, don’t worry about that either. You want to mix it to about the consistency pictured above.


Once you are done, apply it to the skin. I suggest either doing this before you go into the shower when you are rocking your birthday suit, or when you have underwear on. I am just wearing shorts for the photo. Just scrape some of the mixture out of the bowl with your hand and it apply it to the cellulite hot spots which are on the back of your legs and inner thighs. You may have different places than I do, so keep that in mind too. I rubbed it in a circular motion for about a minute and let the coconut oil soak in for another. Afterwards, I took a wet wash cloth and wiped it all off. The coffee grounds may be a little stubborn, so seek another source of removal if needed. Also, it is meant to be a little oily afterwards because of the coconut oil, so don’t over exfoliate the area during the clean-up.


This lovely potion isn’t meant to fix your problem in one try, so don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t work right away. Depending on how much cellulite you have, you can either use this daily or weekly. Over the course of time, it will smooth out the skin and create a flawless finish -but only if you keep up with the routine.

So why coffee grounds and coconut oil? Well, the caffeine in the grounds increases blood flow that will help tighten the tissue in the area and lessen the water retention (which will keep those cellulite craters from forming). Coconut oil holds some of the best natural oils for your skin. It will smooth the area and it plays a great counter-act of the exfoliation of the grounds -so the scrub isn’t too harsh on your skin.

If you’re a visual or audio learner, check out my YouTube video below that goes step-by-step of what I just covered:

I’m big on natural home remedies, especially when I already have the ingredients lying around my house. Let me know in the comments below if you tried this and you like the results. I believe big thighs are beautiful and I won’t let that pesky cellulite take that away!



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