The 10 Worst Things About Your Mid-20’s

Forget having a mid-life crisis, can we talk about the quarter-life crisis that seems to be your entire twenties? You’re officially an adult, but you still try to hold on to your teens -the lack of responsibility and amazing physique. They can never fully prepare you for these years, so while we wait for our thirties (the magical land where they say you have it all together), let us sulk in our sadness and anxiety.

1. Payday is no Longer Exciting Thanks to Bills


So you might have had to pay for your car or your car insurance in your teen years or early 20’s, but that was one bill. If you worked part-time you still made enough money for leisurely spending. You didn’t have to worry about groceries because you could eat whatever your parents had in the house, or you had cafeteria food from campus. Not only do you have to pay for food, you suddenly have to pay for rent, gas, water, trash, and more.

2. Sallie Mae is your Worst Enemy


Remember how happy you were when you graduated college? That only lasts for about six months until your student loan bills kick in. In these days you can’t work for a whole summer and save all of your money for tuition, so you have to do flips and tricks to get a loan. Say hello to debt for years to come -unless you’re a lucky one who wins the lottery.

3. You Never Have “Enough Experience”


You can participate in every campus activity under the sun, but you’re still not good enough for a job. Forget your straight-A’s and countless nights crying over homework, it’s time wasted. No matter how good you think you may be, there will be 100 “no’s” there to remind you, you aren’t. Someday we will start our career, but in the meantime just make the most of your retail job.

4. Relationships are Weird


This can go two ways. Everyone you know is engaged, or married and you feel like you will be single forever. Or, you could have gotten married and everyone tells you that you’re missing out on life. The possibilities of this category are endless, but we can all agree that the whole “significant other” thing is a mess.

5. You Feel Pressured to Have Babies


It seems like every week you find out that someone you went to high school with just had a baby or announced their pregnancy. When you say you want to wait until your thirties, or you just don’t want kids, you might get one of these: “But do you know how many risks there are at that age?” “Why are you waiting SOOOOO long?” “You will want kids when you find the right person.” Can we all just agree that we shouldn’t have babies just for the heck of it?

6. You’re Stuck Between Wanting to Travel the World and Starting Your Career


Your twenties seem like the perfect time to cure your wanderlust and travel the world. You haven’t bought a house yet, you have no kids, and your health is perfect. However, if you don’t start a career now, you may never make enough money to feel comfortable. It’s hard to not obsess over your future, but feel like you aren’t living life as fully as you can right in this moment. If you have found the perfect balance, can you help us out?

7. You Feel Out of Place at the Bar


After you turned 21, you probably spent a lot of nights dancing away to throwbacks from the early 2000’s and downing your favorite cocktails at the local bars. Now when you go out it seems like you’re surrounded by a bunch of youngins with an immense amount of enthusiasm. You just don’t have the energy you used to because you have to get up early for work during the week.

8. Your Age is Starting to Reflect in Your Appearance


Wipe those tears away because there are plenty of others who just spotted their first gray hair. Soon enough, you will have to budget in a salon visit to try and convince the world you’re not as old as you are getting. Are those wrinkles by your eyes? Give up the smiling and laughing. Cellulite an issue? Call the doctor and try every last remedy in the book. It’s hard to not have a meltdown over the deterioration of your physical features.

9. While You’re Legally an Adult, the World Disagrees


Sure you can buy a house, rent a car, and do your own taxes, but you are STILL not taken seriously. You often get the, “you’re young, what do you know?” Sure, you may have been on this Earth 10 years longer than me, but trust me, I’m not a kid. It feels like the battle to make your opinions matter will last forever.

10. Birthdays Just Turn into an Everyday Affair


What’s so special about 26? Nothing. The last birthday that means anything is your 25th… and that’s only because you can officially rent a car -whoop de do. Honestly, that’s not even anything to truly celebrate. After you turn 21, you basically have to wait 10 years for a birthday to feel special. Lets celebrate lasting a decade longer!

While the list may seem never-ending, there are a lot of great things about being in your twenties. One of those is the fact that everyone else is struggling just as much as you, so you can live in the comfort of knowing you are not alone. It’s okay to not have your marbles all together, that only makes your story more interesting and your outcome more satisfying. You’ve got this!



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