VOX BOX | Ralph Lauren’s “Tender Romance”


Occasionally the Influenster Gods look down upon me and bless me with free products to try. This time I was given the opportunity to try a new fragrance from popular fashion brand Ralph Lauren, and I surprisingly liked it (I’m EXTREMELY picky with scents).

Before I get into what I thought of it all, let me explain Influenster in case you’re a little lost. If you love to get free stuff and don’t mind putting minimal work in to talk about it, you should definitely sign up. You unlock these things called, “badges” and once you’re unlocked it, you’re automatically qualified to receive a package in the mail with items along that category (if you pass the personal survey). I’m not a mother of actual humans (just three cats), so I don’t have that badge unlocked -nor would I be interested in what they would send. If you see my past blog posts, you’ll notice I did a review of some items from Covergirl that I received from Influenster. It’s a completely free service that is NOT a scam -I’m usually weary of these types of things. All that is required is that you talk about the product on social media. You don’t get paid either, just free goodies (which feels like payday anyway).

Now on to the actual product…When it comes to fragrances, I’m as closed minded as they come. I hate any perfume that is overpowering because it makes me nauseous very easily. I prefer lighter floral scents and “Tender Romance,” perfectly fit this description. It reminds me of a perfect wedding day scent. It evokes the mindset of love and happiness, so what better day to have that on your mind?

It had a long wear which I appreciated and I even got compliments on the way I smelled, so it was just powerful enough to let others know I was in the room. If you’re looking for something just like this, I highly consider purchasing it (or going to the store and smelling it for yourself). If you want a little more in-depth description, check out my YouTube un-boxing below:



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