Beauty Review | Marc Jacobs Highliner

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-11-17-06-amMy friend Michal and I love spending hours browsing Sephora and using our hands as the perfect test palette. However, there was this one time where Michal pulled me immediately to the Marc Jacobs section and demanded I try this eyeliner. It was $25.00 and I thought to myself, “there is no eyeliner worth that price.” Little did I know, I should have bitten my tongue.

When I tested it on my hand, it glided so beautifully and the rich green that I chose was so pigmented. It didn’t smear without my doing on purpose, it never got dull, and I noticed it even had a sharpener on the end! I was in LOVE, but unfortunately it was Christmas and I was buying gifts for others that trip. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and when I was going to actually hop in the car and go to the mall to get it, I received one amazing e-mail from Influenster.

They said that they and Marc Jacobs Beauty were going to send me a complimentary Highliner to test out. I was checking my mailbox religiously, anxiously waiting for its arrival. When it came, I was surprised to find TWO new full sized eyeliners in the box. One was a natural brown called, “(Earth)Quake,” and a sassy pink called, “Pink of Me.”

screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-11-16-47-am The brown was the perfect eyeliner for a smudged out and smokey underline. I also used it for my tight-line when I wanted to showcase the pink. It was very easy to smudge, but it also stayed put if you wanted it too. I accidentally fell asleep with my makeup on, and it even lasted through the night!

It has a very buttery texture, and it was just as easy to apply as liquid eyeliner is for me. It’s almost like a gel pot eyeliner in a crayon form. I highly suggest this eyeliner as a splurge item, because it does NOT disappoint!

Have a Blessed and Beautiful Day,




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